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Stephen B. Cox

Stephen B. Cox is the Director of Operations at Research and Testing Laboratory (RTL) in Lubbock, Texas. Prior to joining RTL, he served as an Associate Professor and Graduate Advisor in The Institute of Environmental and Human Health (TIEHH) and Department of Environmental Toxicology, Texas Tech University, where he currently is an Adjunct Professor.

Stephen received his B.S. in Mathematics and Ph.D. in Biology (1999), both from Texas Tech University. After conducting post-doctoral research at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis at the University of California, Santa Barbara, he joined the faculty at TTU in 2002. He moved to RTL in 2011.

Stephen has taught a number of graduate level courses in Biostatistics and R programming, as well as a variety of shortcourses at professional meetings. He also maintains an active statistical consulting practice at RTL.

His research interests focus on the development and application of advanced quantitative techniques to understand basic and applied questions in Ecology, Environmental Biology, Ecotoxicology, and Human Health. At RTL, he also is actively engaged in research addressing the interactions of microbiota and organismal health, with particular emphasis on understanding the role of the human microbiome in determining human health.