OTexts for readers

OTexts offers a free online centre of high quality, dynamic textbooks in different fields. OTexts is a very new service, and we are currently growing our range of books. But we hope to soon have a wide range of books in many areas of study.

Some books will have premium content available via subscription. This will include:

  • access to exercises;
  • access to a forum where you can interact with other readers and the author;
  • the ability to add personal highlights and your own notes to individual sections of a book.

However, subscriptions are not yet implemented. So for now everything is freely available.

We do not intend having downloadable books. The OTexts model is for books to be online and accessible via a browser on any device. We think the online experience we have implemented is much better than what is available in offline e-book readers. Being online also means that you have immediate access to any updates, additions or corrections to books.

Some books will also have print editions, available for purchase on Amazon. These will be a snapshot of the book at the time of printing. The online book will continue to be updated and will always represent the current edition of the book.

To help the idea of OTexts to spread, it would be great if you could tell your professors and instructors about it. Encourage your best professors to become OTexts authors so that everyone can benefit from their great work.

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