OTexts for authors

OTexts provides authors with a free professional platform on which you can create your textbooks. OTexts allows you to reach a huge audience, receive instant feedback from your readers, update the book whenever you want to, and add multimedia and other dynamic content.

Authors retain full copyright to their book. By putting your book on the OTexts platform, you are giving OTexts permission to publish your book online.

You can type your book directly on our website using a WYSIWYG editor, or in Markdown or html format. Authors needing mathematical symbols and equations can use standard LaTeX commands. The underlying format is very similar to what is used on the StackExchange sites.

Some features of the book will only be available to subscribers. These features may include:

  • access to exercises;
  • access to a forum where your readers can interact with each other and with you;
  • the ability for readers to add personal highlights and their own notes to individual sections of a book.

In addition to the online platform, we intend to also publish a small number of print books under the OTexts label. Books that have a lot of online traffic, or a lot of subscriptions, will be upgraded to our premium service. These books will receive professional copyediting, will have an ISBN, and will be sold as print copies on Amazon (subject to the author's approval).

Revenue obtained from subscriptions and print sales will be shared with the authors.

Currently, we have a small number of books available. We intend to slowly grow the platform, carefully selecting high quality books to showcase the vision we have for online textbooks. Ultimately we plan to make OTexts a publishing platform for anyone who wants to write a text book. Authors will be able to register for free and start typing or uploading their material directly. At this stage, we are busy making sure the platform is stable and easy to use, so we have not yet opened the platform up to allow anyone to write an OTexts book. However, if you would like to get in first and be part of the OTexts platform early, please contact us with a proposal for a college-level textbook.

Your proposal should include:

  1. CVs of all authors;
  2. a one-page summary of the scope and intended audience of the book;
  3. draft table of contents;
  4. a sample chapter, or samples of other similar work by the authors.

We are happy to consider books on any subject, and for all levels from first year to doctoral students. The only reason the first few books on the site involve statistical and mathematical subjects is that we know authors in those areas. But we are very happy to consider books on other topics from advertising to zymurgy and everything in between.

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