Our vision

We provide a free online textbook publishing platform. Students can read our books online for free. Authors can write books online for free.

OTexts represents a new approach to university textbooks so that everyone around the world can learn without barriers. All of our books will always be completely and freely available online. Why spend hundreds of dollars on printed books which are soon out-of-date when you can have continually updated online books for nothing!

Our vision is to have an extensive array of books covering the range of undergraduate subjects taught in universities. Except they are not really "books". In the same way that printed books were a big advance on hand-written scrolls, OTexts books are a big advance on static printed books. On OTexts:

  • readers can interact with each other and with the authors;
  • a book can contain multimedia content as well as text;
  • you can search for something rather than look up an index;
  • errors are corrected immediately rather than having to wait until the next edition;
  • books are available to anyone with a browser regardless of your location or finances.

OTexts provides the platform and facilities, authors provide the content and ideas, and students provide the audience and engagement.